photo Maria Brusnikina
model Katya Yakunina
Moscow, 2021

Tonya & Katya

Julia and black backpack
Osip Mandelshtam

I've returned to my city, it's familiar in truth
To the tears, to the veins, swollen glands of my youth.
You are here once again, — quickly gulp in a trance
The fish oil of Leningrad's riverside lamps.
Recognize this December day spreading far,
Where an egg yolk is mixed with the sinister tar.
I'm not willing yet, Petersburg, to perish in slumber:
It is you who retains all my telephone numbers.
I have plenty of addresses, Petersburg, yet,
Where I'm certain to find the voice of the dead.
In the dark of the staircase, my temple is threshed
By the knocker ripped out along with the flesh.
All night long, I await my dear guests like before
As I shuffle the shackles of the chains on the door.

Black leather backpack with YKK zippers and orange details
Black leather backpack with
orange cotton lining and solid brass hardware

Green patent leather backpack
with brown straps
Joseph Brodsky
We would like to play never feeling lonely,
wear no coat, but a T-shirt only.
Though if cats and dogs from the sky are flying,
we'll be doing the homework and won't be crying...

Fedor, Nastya, Rita, Anya
Be out of fashion trends.
Rethink classic forms.
Use the unique long-term traditions of handicraft production.
Adapt to modernity.
Be distinguished by simplicity and spectacular appearance.
Leather backpack with cotton lining and zipper
Anton Chekhov
When there is no real life, they live in mirages.
Still better than nothing.

Tonya & Denis.
Moscow, 2021